Ian G. Clifton

My photography has transitioned through many phases over the years. Now, I tend to focus on animals around the world but many of the landscapes across the way also catch my eye.

A closeup of a squirrel, the eye reflects the photography
A mother squirrel standing tall with a bushy tail
Extreme closeup of a Tokay gecko's eye
A red-eyed tree frog with a vibrant green body sitting on a red flower
A lizard with its eye half closed, seemingly smiling
A closeup of the side of a frog's face
An overhead shot of a lizard, its tongue out to lick its eye
A bald eagle perched on a branch
A yellow and black Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly in mid flight
A Song Sparrow on the ground amidst many twigs
A Spotted Towhee with a black head and red eye
A cougar sneaking toward the camera, one ear turned
A closeup of a blue Macaw with bright yellow around its eye
A red, green, and turquoise parrot
A monkey with a leaf hanging from its mouth, looking back over its shoulder with disapproving eyes
A Spectacled Bear stretching out with its tongue extended
An anteater crawling on a large branch
A tranquil river surrounded by green plants
A parrot on the end of a branch, featuring red, yellow, and blue feathers
Machu Picchu
Looking across the tops of clouds
A glacier breaking apart and falling into the water