Art is expression. It’s a way of showing an idea, emotion, or perception. When I was younger, I never expected to find myself spending so much time with so many different types of art. I had crumped many poorly drawn stick-people in frustration while growing up, but I have since learned quite a bit about creating art in a variety of mediums, and I continue to learn with each new experiment.


Woodworking is one of my latest forms of expression. Sometimes it’s purely functional, other times the personality of the creation is more important than the function.

A desk A mallet A pen


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I’ve been taking photos for many years, but my interests have slowly changed over time. Now, it’s common for my camera to sit unused for three months before coming out for a flurry of a thousand photos in a day.

Photo of a calm bay Photo of a parrot Photo of calm water


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Normally artists spend a fair bit of time learning to draw effectively before moving on to another medium. I virtually skipped over drawing and went straight into painting, photography, and other art types; I have since come back to drawing with pencil and charcoal as I study perspective, shading, and other aspects of drawing.

Drawing of a human skull Drawing of a male head from the side Drawing of a fist