Android Apps


Hulu is a video streaming app that has both SVOD and live content. I worked on the Android team that completely rebuilt the app from the ground up and became a dev lead.


Saga was a lifelogging app that automatically tracked the user’s location in the background in order to provide a log and insights. It used an adaptive background service that determined the best time to gather sensor data based on how much each reading changed.

Big Brother

Big Brother was a very challenging project partly due to its size and partly its quick timeline. It was developed shortly after the Motorola Xoom came out, so having a unique UI for both phone and tablet versions was important. I was the senior developer on the project and handled all the API integration, most of the layouts, and the customized RenderScript for the Honeycomb version.

Rick Steves’ Audio Europe

I created the app base, the integration with our API to load the available tracks and their meta data, the download service that handles the actual downloads and resuming/error recovery/etc., and some other parts.

Survivor: Redemption Island

I created this app for the new season of Survivor. Since the base was already prepared from the previous season’s app, I was able to focus on polishing the user interface both visually and in terms of responsiveness. The cast members had much higher resolution images than previously. Web images, such as the video thumbnails, were cached to give a much faster user experience.

Survivor: Nicaragua

One other developer and I created this app. His focus was on the API integration and creating each initial screen, whereas I laid out the framework, handled the majority of the UI, and made improvements throughout. I also handled the video section, which let users watch clips, videos about the cast, and entire episodes directly from an Android device.


I developed the entire CNET News Android app myself. Having created both the server-side code and the on-device code, I learned a lot developing this app. It made use of caching to give a fast user experience, and I incorporated a variety of Android-specific features.

CBS News

I created the server-side code that handled manipulating story/video/Twitter/etc. data to make it more suitable for viewing on mobile devices as well as significantly faster to load. I also worked on the webview displays and JavaScript-based templating, AJAX calls, etc. In addition, I developed the homescreen widget that had an integrated alert system.

Predator Clock Widget

This was the first Android app that I developed entirely on my own. It was a 4x1 homescreen widget that displayed the current time with Predator-style numbers. I later added multiple digit colors, toggle between Predator-style numbers and Arabic, countdown explosion with variable pitch beeps, and other features.